Alone at the Shops

Lockdown Photo: A member of the Johane Masowe Apostolic sect walks past some deserted shops at Whitehouse, two kilometres west of Kuwadzana Extension suburb, Harare at 1842hrs on the 15th of April 2020. Normally at this time, the shopping centre would be teaming with imbibers, merrymakers, sex workers, late night foreign currency traders and travellers going to Riddle Ridge, Lake Chiwero, Granary and surrounding areas. Zimbabwe’s lockdown started on the 30th of March and is expected to end on 19 April 2020. There is uncertainty whether the lockdown shall be extended.

The Chronicles of a Street Preacher

picture of a preacher preaching in the street

Chronicles of a Street Preacher   His voice rose shrilly and hoarsely, piecing the sombre winter afternoon like a sharp knife. The voice would rage on, in a way matching the screeching of tyres and the loud shouting of omnibus touts…

She no longer sells tomatoes anymore

picture of woman selling tomatoes and onions

Times have changed. Selling tomatoes in the street had been her livelihood since her husband died. She even managed to sent all her children to the local secondary school. Her children have grown now and have since married. But she no longer sells tomatoes anymore. Her legs are giving her more problems now. The doctor said its arthritis. She will also not be able to play cat and mouse games with police.