The Chronicles of a Street Preacher

picture of a preacher preaching in the street

Chronicles of a Street Preacher   His voice rose shrilly and hoarsely, piecing the sombre winter afternoon like a sharp knife. The voice would rage on, in a way matching the screeching of tyres and the loud shouting of omnibus touts…

Call Dr Grace

A picture of an abortion poster in South Africa

Two man walk along a sidewalk towards a banner advertising abortion services in Yeoville, Johanesburg, South Africa. In South Africa, any woman of any age can get an abortion by simply requesting with no reasons given if she is less than 13 weeks pregnant. According to, more than 70 000 illegal abortions are carried out in Zimbabwe every year, with women running a 200 times greater risk of dying of abortion complications than their counterparts in South Africa, where the procedure is legal.

Drip Drop Drip Drop

jacaranda leaves strewn across an empty tarred road

A few months ahead, it will be jacaranda season, a time heralding the onset of the summer rains. Sifting through my images, I came across this refreshing one, a picture of jacaranda flowers strewn across an empty tarred road. White British settlers imported the jacaranda trees from South America at the end of the 19th century. File Photo: November 2016  

Zviroto Gets A Job

picture of person cleaning

The letter from Uncle Tobias came exactly a month after he had returned to Umtali from the village, taking the new red Volkswagen back with him. Zviroto was just closing the cattle kraal, using horizontal wooden poles when little Ruru rushed with the good news, a radiant smile defining her face. It had been a busy day indeed. It had rained all day and all his clothes were drenched to the skin. Because of the rains, the cattle had also given big problems. Especially Charubeki. If it was not for the fatigue and hunger pangs, he would give it a thorough beating in the kraal right now… ………….. A while later whilst seated on the dung painted kitchen bench, he never stopped to think what he will achieve as a Fort Victoria City Council cleaner.