Gogo neBadza Mudhorobha

urban agriculture

Any success story to share? Here is one to share. Gogo in this photo told me she has been growing maize and other crops (mainly sweet potatoes) on this piece of land as long as she can remember. And she looks back at all these planting seasons with a smile on her face. “Chibage chandinorima chinotondisvitsa mwaka wezhizha unotevera muzukuru. Handitengi upfu”, she said smiling (translated, the harvest I get from this piece of land makes me able to feed myself and family all year round) What a story!!!! Have you got one to share?  


picture of muboora

Most times amai would just sneak into the field. We would rarely notice it anyway. But I remember quite well the drizzle. And yes of course, the mist. At that time of the year, Ruombwe mountain would always be enshrouded in thick mist. After what would seem an eternity amai would come back holding muboora, ipwa nechibage chinyoro mutswanda…