Are temperature checks for Covid-19 enough?

Photo: A Securico security officer takes the temperature of a shopper using a handheld infrared thermometer at the main entrance of OK Supermarket in Ardbennie, Harare on the 19th of April 2020. Checking the temperatures of people is one of the measures that can be put in place to check if a person is infected by the coronavirus or not. However, experts point out that this method can be deceiving as a means of determining whether one is infected. “The absence of an elevated body temperature is not a seal of approval,” Dr. Fred Jacobs, a pulmonologist told ABC News. “The answer is not temperature. The answer is testing.”

Alone at the Shops

Lockdown Photo: A member of the Johane Masowe Apostolic sect walks past some deserted shops at Whitehouse, two kilometres west of Kuwadzana Extension suburb, Harare at 1842hrs on the 15th of April 2020. Normally at this time, the shopping centre would be teaming with imbibers, merrymakers, sex workers, late night foreign currency traders and travellers going to Riddle Ridge, Lake Chiwero, Granary and surrounding areas. Zimbabwe’s lockdown started on the 30th of March and is expected to end on 19 April 2020. There is uncertainty whether the lockdown shall be extended.

Loading it Up Amidst Covid

Photo: An N. Richards employee loads some groceries into a wholesale customer’s truck during lockdown on 15 April 2020. Grocery wholesalers are operating during the 21 day lockdown. This is to ensure they meet the grocery needs of a lot of people who may have run out of essentials during the period.

Securing Solar Panels during lockdown

Photo. Welders secure solar panels on a roof top in Granary during lock down. Many businesses and informal traders have been negatively affected by the lockdown as they have been deprived of income earning activities. No one knows when the lock down shall end.

Difficult Times: Covid-19 Diaries

An elderly woman putting on a respiratory mask flags down public transport in Warren Park, Harare. With the impending presidential lock down starting on the 30th of March 2020, people are travelling in a last minute rush to stock up on grocery times and other essentials.