Gogo neBadza Mudhorobha

urban agriculture

Any success story to share? Here is one to share. Gogo in this photo told me she has been growing maize and other crops (mainly sweet potatoes) on this piece of land as long as she can remember. And she looks back at all these planting seasons with a smile on her face. “Chibage chandinorima chinotondisvitsa mwaka wezhizha unotevera muzukuru. Handitengi upfu”, she said smiling (translated, the harvest I get from this piece of land makes me able to feed myself and family all year round) What a story!!!! Have you got one to share?  

Bamkuru Tobia Finally Brings the Car Home

an old car

When Uncle Tobias brought the new car from Umtali, the news quickly spread like a veld fire across the village. The news was filtered mid morning into the village by Nhetsu, the old man. We had just finished tethering the goats in the abandoned fields nearby. When we came back, Nhetsu, the old man was seated on the cow dung painted kitchen bench already, chuckling animatedly with gogo and enjoying the tea. He had just been to the bottle store where he had gone to buy his snuff. How we hated this old man!. We always wondered why he had a tendency of coming exactly during our breakfast and lunch times… And we overhead it. Uncle Tobias…Umtali…new car…bottle store…drinking…it shall come…today…. The words wafted in delightful bursts into our already anxious ears. *** However to our disappointment, Uncle Tobias did not arrive promptly in the village. He had spent a good part of the day at the bottle store, six kilometres away, embibing pitchers of clear beer. When the red Volkswagen finally arrived,  we all left the cattle grazing in the wide valley oblivious of the consequences and ran along the narrow path home…..