Are temperature checks for Covid-19 enough?

Photo: A Securico security officer takes the temperature of a shopper using a handheld infrared thermometer at the main entrance of OK Supermarket in Ardbennie, Harare on the 19th of April 2020. Checking the temperatures of people is one of the measures that can be put in place to check if a person is infected by the coronavirus or not. However, experts point out that this method can be deceiving as a means of determining whether one is infected. “The absence of an elevated body temperature is not a seal of approval,” Dr. Fred Jacobs, a pulmonologist told ABC News. “The answer is not temperature. The answer is testing.”

Loading it Up Amidst Covid

Photo: An N. Richards employee loads some groceries into a wholesale customer’s truck during lockdown on 15 April 2020. Grocery wholesalers are operating during the 21 day lockdown. This is to ensure they meet the grocery needs of a lot of people who may have run out of essentials during the period.

The Homeless Woman

a homeless woman sleeping outside supermarket

The Sleeping Homeless Woman   He had bought all the items of grocery his wife had instructed him. Only he had failed to get the eggs. Ooh, how scarce they were these days!!! Clutching two grocery filled plastic bags, he left the supermarket. As he walked to his parked car, a young man sat outside by the pavement selling compact disks. “Dollar for two mukoma. Ndinawo ese amungade. Kana aye aye!”, the young man extended a pack of CD’s towards him, smiling. Zviroto did not stop. His eyes were however suddenly quickly drawn to a forlorn sleeping figure….