Drip Drop Drip Drop

jacaranda leaves strewn across an empty tarred road

A few months ahead, it will be jacaranda season, a time heralding the onset of the summer rains. Sifting through my images, I came across this refreshing one, a picture of jacaranda flowers strewn across an empty tarred road. White British settlers imported the jacaranda trees from South America at the end of the 19th century. File Photo: November 2016  

Sweetness by the Road

picture of beehive close to road

Can you believe this beehive is very close to a very busy road? I would not have believed it myself either had somebody told me without seeing it myself. Actually there are five on the same tree. I will not tell where. Not that I do not trust you. I am quite sure the owner enjoys the sweetness of the honey without bothering about thieves harvesting where they did not sow.  I remember hearing a lot of stories told of misfortune that befell somebody who stole honey from someone’s beehive…

Gogo neBadza Mudhorobha

urban agriculture

Any success story to share? Here is one to share. Gogo in this photo told me she has been growing maize and other crops (mainly sweet potatoes) on this piece of land as long as she can remember. And she looks back at all these planting seasons with a smile on her face. “Chibage chandinorima chinotondisvitsa mwaka wezhizha unotevera muzukuru. Handitengi upfu”, she said smiling (translated, the harvest I get from this piece of land makes me able to feed myself and family all year round) What a story!!!! Have you got one to share?  

Sweet Potatoes by the Road Side

Bucket of Sweet Potatoes by the Roadside

Who can forget that morning tea (made thick with cow or goat milk) prepared in the muddy & thatched round kitchen as little children growing up? Urban life has almost made me forget. But honestly, how could I? This is only until I came across this…