The Chronicles of a Street Preacher

picture of a preacher preaching in the street

Chronicles of a Street Preacher   His voice rose shrilly and hoarsely, piecing the sombre winter afternoon like a sharp knife. The voice would rage on, in a way matching the screeching of tyres and the loud shouting of omnibus touts…

Winter Wheat Farming in Zimbabwe

picture of woman harvesting wheat

I happened to witness winter wheat harvesting a couple of days ago at (somewhere). These pictures may paint a good outlook of winter wheat farming in Zimbabwe. However, this sector is said to be facing a lot of challenges. Farmers have cited shortages of fuel and electricity for irrigation as their major challenges, while others say they don’t have working capital. This has led to some sections saying it is cheaper to import wheat rather than grow it in Zimbabwe. Hmm, so which is which? Combine Harvester Loading Wheat onto Tractor Trailer Tractor and Trailer Carrying Wheat